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Xcerca's Blog

7 years 8 months ago - 7 years 8 months ago #6 by ShawnS427
Xcerca's Blog was created by ShawnS427
I wanted to put some of my sayings up here on the site for my blogs:

Anything you can Imagine, and Create in your mind, you create in your Reality.
Reality is based on your peception of it.
Perception is based on belief.
Belief is based on experience.
Experience is based on Perception.
Anything you can Imagine, and create in your mind, you can create in your perception.
If you belief somthing in your mind, you manifest it in your reality.

We are not christian, jew, athiest, new age or muslim. We are not facist, anarchist, republican or communist. We are not socialist, tribal, passive or aggressive. We are not our fathers or our mothers, our teachers or our priests. We are not our age and we are not our race, we are not our species, our body, mind, spirit, or emotion. As I am, so I am not, as we are, so I am.

If you are bright, open minded, and positive; then the world will be bright, open minded, and positive.
If you are dark, closed minded, and negative; then the world will be dark, closed minded, and negative.
This is the Law of Attraction  - like attracts like.

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7 years 7 months ago #11 by ShawnS427
Replied by ShawnS427 on topic Xcerca's Blog
I recently got out of the US Air Force, and now I want to do web design for my friends (clients) and work on OpenEnlightenment and CodexIluminatus and WesternFengShui.org full time...

I have been thinking about how am I going to accomplish this and went back to the ideas and teachings that are on this site, and on many of the sites on CodexIlluminatus - The Law of Attraction.

So on my desktop wallpaper on my computer I edited the image that I have as my background, and added this text:

I am so happy and grateful now that:
- I have a wonderful relationship with the Universe
- I own a successful business that I love
- I have a beautiful home and possessions
- I Have healthy and fulfilling relationships with everything around me
- My future is bright and clear
- I don't have to worry about money
- I am loved and Respected everywhere I go
- I know how to use the law of attraction

> There is more than enough in the Universe
> Everything goes right for me
> I am in perfect health

So by focusing on these things they become true; Check out in the Video section the Video called "The Strangest Secret"

I wanted to share that with everyone, feel free to use those lines in your personal lives, right them down, make them match what you want, and put it in a place (or several places) that you look at often.

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7 years 6 months ago #29 by xcerca7
Replied by xcerca7 on topic Xcerca's Blog
Hello again, I've been thinking about this recently:

I think that every human on the planet, has at least one, great Song, Poem, Painting, Movie, Book, or Story, in them. For instance you yourself probably have a nice story or poem that you like to share our tell, maybe from your life or maybe just a fiction. Or you might have a beautiful idea for a song, or a painting that you might do. I think that these are the things that give everyone value, so using this particulate string of thought everyone has an immense value. The myth is that if you don't make any money that you don't have any value, this myth is perpetrated by those sick souls that have blocked their intuition and higher self for so long that they are mostly blocked off from seeing a higher purpose for their life, and immediately dismiss their higher self and intuition, because they don't see it as a way to a material end. But the truth is that our material ends are actually STILL just a means for emotional and spiritual ends ( if you want to look at it as an ends), but the secret to emotional and spirituality is that there is no end. We look to the present, the hear and now, in that way it never ends.

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7 years 6 months ago #49 by xcerca7
Replied by xcerca7 on topic Xcerca's Blog
I have heard this enough times by enough different people that I think it must be true, but I am having a hard time getting my head around it at the moment, the idea I'm talking about is this:
In a few different forms-
"We don't believe what we see but we see what we believe"
"We see it when we believe it it"

Which I think is true, and explains so many peoples devotion to what I consider non-sense, the image you have in your mind, once repeated enough times, becomes projected onto your perception of reality, CHANGING your perception of reality, and everything else from the ground up, including your thoughts, behaviors, and feelings.

So all you really have to do, is decide what it is that you believe, or what you want to be true (but the secret is, anything that you can imagine, can be true ), and hold that image in your mind, hold it for days, weeks, months, years, and eventually it becomes projected into your perception of what reality is.

The image I have been holding in my mind is a huge spectrum of light, coming of of everything in the universe, all connected by a web of light, that extends outside of time and space, and encompass time and space, and I can travel anywhere in this web, any place on earth or anyplace I can imagine, just by my intention.

Kind of Cool...

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3 months 3 weeks ago #3972 by LonsTok
Replied by LonsTok on topic Xcerca's Blog
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3 months 2 weeks ago #3981 by DanielRox
Replied by DanielRox on topic Xcerca's Blog
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